MINT+ Frequently Asked Questions

Authorization Process:

  • Proceed to log in, and then click the button to "Request Access" from your MINT Admin.
  • Your MINT Admin will then receive an email, go into MINT, and reauthorize your access to MINT.
  • You will then receive an email with a link allowing you to "Accept" your authorization and begin working in MINT as usual.

What is MINT+?

Thank you for your continued investment and support of our meetings and events products at Destinations International.

Over the last year, the Destinations International team has gone through an extensive review and audit of the suite of products offered to Destinations International members.

Through the leadership and guidance of our Board of Directors and Convention Sales and Services Committee, Destinations International has made the business decision to restructure the current empowerMINT/MINT+ product suite at the end of June 2019. As the Destinations International Products Engagement team works to evolve the MINT+ platform after June 2019, access to the MINT+ database will still be available and accessible for your sales and services teams.

What does this mean for MINT+ subscribers July through December 2019?

  • Destinations International will institute a subscriber rate from July through December 2019 of $5,200 for CVBs with annual operating budgets above $2M, and $3,200 for CVBs with annual operating budgets below $2M. In January 2020, Destinations International will launch a new subscription model for the MINT+ database. We will share this new rate structure by the end of Q3 2019.
  • You will continue to have access to the MINT+ database. Destinations International understands MINT’s brand equity and the value CVBs have placed in the tool since its launch. It will be critical for subscribers to continue to use the platform and continue to prospect intelligently for group business, input historical meeting details and leverage data for future bookings.
  • You will continue to have access to the Overnight Room Demand Analyzer (ORDA) tool to help your team gain a more accurate understanding of actual room demand.

How will Destinations International transition empowerMINT and MINT+ after June 2019?

MINT+ is the meetings history database Destinations International members use to prospect future meetings. MINT+ will be rebuilt and launched in January 2020. EmpowerMINT is the planner-facing website where planners search destinations and connect with CVBs to drive bookings for future meetings. empowerMINT will end on June 30, 2019 and will be replaced with our planner-facing campaign and meetings microsite.

As part of your Annual Membership Dues, Destinations International will continue a meaningful and sustained awareness strategy to planners on the CVB value proposition. We will launch a cohesive campaign across internal and external platforms, continue to provide thought leadership, trends and case studies through planner facing education, and continue to extend planner-facing content distribution through industry partnerships.

What are we currently doing to improve and enhance the MINT+ database?

  • The MINT+ platform has been a valued Destinations International tool for many years. The platform has evolved based on the industry’s needs including, engaging our external partner, Columbia Books Information Systems (CBIS), to support increasing data accuracy and the overall number of accounts.
  • Since 2017, CBIS has reviewed over 73,500 organizations, researched over 268,400 contacts, and added over 62,700 contacts and 117,000 meetings to MINT+. In 2018, CBIS reviewed 26,002 organizations, researched 100,801 contacts, and added 13,495 contacts and 22,421 meetings to MINT+.
  • In 2018, CBIS reviewed 26,002 organizations, researched 100,801 contacts, and added 13,495 contacts and 22,421 meetings to MINT+. 
  • From January through May 2019, CBIS has already reviewed 14,319 organizations, researched 32,363 contacts, and added 4,615 contacts and 6,600 meetings to MINT+.

What will we do to evolve the MINT+ database?

To support the business development needs of our CVB members, Destinations International is investing in and evolving the value of MINT+. In 2018, the results of an audit highlighted key areas for improvement. Destinations International will focus on the following areas to launch a new MINT+ platform in January 2020:

  • With the support of the Convention Sales and Services committee and MINT+ Super User Group, we will manage the curation of the data to streamline data collection and improve data input efficiency to increase the overall number of accounts in MINT+.
  • We will secure additional third-party and industry partner support to continue to improve data accuracy and business intelligence.
  • We will implement a seamless data entry process through both manual entry and CRM-based entry to deliver efficiency and increase member participation.
  • We will source customer data from additional key markets, emphasizing new verticals like the Sports and Corporate segments.
  • We will develop a multifaceted business development approach for our members with MINT+ to build the best prospecting tool to become THE business development tool for subscribers.

Don't have an account?

MINT+ subscribers must be a member of Destinations International in order to process subscription requests. If you have any questions, please to contact .

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