The single most important tool for targeting potential business to your destination.

An Outsider?

Not a subscriber to empowerMINT??? You are missing out on the opportunity to proactively advocate for the DMO value proposition and prospect in a database of shared bookings/histories of 150 DMOs!


Authorization Process:

  • Proceed to log in, and then click the button to "Request Access" from your MINT Admin.
  • Your MINT Admin will then receive an email, go into MINT, and reauthorize your access to MINT.
  • You will then receive an email with a link allowing you to "Accept" your authorization and begin working in MINT as usual.

What is MINT?

MINT is a shared repository of information on organizations and their meetings and events. This valuable information is only available to subscribers of MINT. By pledging to contribute bookings and histories into this database, subscribers have access to important demographics, preferences and histories of those meetings and events.

We must maintain this valuable database if the system is to provide the maximum benefits to its members. For this reason, DMAI established three key criterion for meetings to be reported in the MINT database.

  1. Meetings that use 10 or more rooms on a peak night.
  2. Meetings that are held on a regularly scheduled basis.
  3. Meetings that rotate within at least one state.

If you are a DMAI DMO member who is vested in the meetings market, we invite you to join 150 meeting destiniations in our industry wide empowerMINT initiative.

You will gain: the active ability to advocate for the DMO value proposition directly with empowerMINT, and access to prospect in the MINT+ database enhanced by our new partnership with Columbia Books (CBIS), to initially cleanse 93,000 contacts, and include on-going regular verification of existing MINT contacts and enhanced new data to be licensed from CBIS that will give new contacts, meetings and organization information to our sales people.

MINT requires time, patience and a true dedication to excellence to maintain the integrity of our association's valuable database.

Don't have an account?

MINT subscribers must be member bureaus of Destination Marketing Association International in order to process subscription requests.

Submit your application today and begin the process. here